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  Our courses are addressed both to people with experience in the field, and to beginners that would like to learn basic techniques for the reproduction of classic pieces.

  Venere Colca

With our courses you will have “a taste” of this old and clever art, you will live the everyday life of a sculptor, understanding that to become a master he placed side by side his artistic skills to many many years of study and sacrificies.

Venere dal Pomo
At the end of each course Artistic Holidays will give you a certificate (not valid for competitions or qualifications).
If you wish to send your work to your address, F.lli Galeotti could organize for crating and forwarding (costs excluded from the price of courses, they will be calculated based on dimensions and weight).
If you prefer you can make only the plaster and let the masters of our workshop do the marble work. With Artistic Holidays you can easily personalize your course on the ground of your artistic experience and sensibility, in order to conciliate your passion with your dreamed holiday in Versilia.

  Safety first, so it is responsibility of the participants to equip themselves with proper attire such as protective glasses, gloves, work wearing, strong shoes, and in case of mechanical work, earpads and facemasks.
It is mandatory that you provide to insure yourself for accidents and civil liability.
Any damage to things or people caused by you during the course will be exclusively of your responsibility.
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Last update: 03-12-2009
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