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Houses | FAQ
  How far is the house from the workshop?
Approximate 2 Kms.

How far is it from the centre of Pietrasanta?
Approximate 2,5 Kms.

From the seaside?
Approximate 3 Kms.

How far is it from Florence?
Approximate 100 Kms.

From Pisa?
Approximate 30 Kms.

Is it possible to rent the house without attending any course?
Yes it is possible, if it is available.

Has the house air conditioning?
No, but it is situated in a very well aired zone.

Is it provided of dishwasher?

Is it provided of laundrywasher?

Is it provided of oven?
Yes, traditional and microwave oven.

Are there shops in the neighborhood?
Yes, of different kind.
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Last update: 03-12-2009
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