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  Where does the course take place?
The course takes place at the art workshop “F.lli Galeotti” in Pietrasanta.

How far is the workshop from the centre of Pietrasanta?
It’s about 1 Km. Far.

Who is the teacher?
The teacher is Enrico Galeotti, the owner of the workshop.

What are his qualifications?
He has attended The Art Institute in Pietrasanta, the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara, the Architecture University in Florence.
He has taught at the Art Institute of Lucca, in the sculpture section.

What is his experience?
He is now managing and working in his workshop in Pietrasanta, and he counts among his clients the most important exponents of the Italian contemporary art, such as: Giacomo Manzù, Francesco Messina, Giuliano Vangi and many others.
He is 43 years old and he has been working in the artistic marble field since he was a child , in a work that has been handed on from father to son for three generations.

Does he speak English?
He is not fluent in English language, but he is able to communicate with the chisel much more than with the words.

How many students attend each course?
From one to three, but we prefer single classes, in order to better follow our student.

Why should I chose your course instead of another one?
Our is not a traditional school with school benches, but a real workshop where every day you will be able to join 10 marble artisans.
We will try to help our students to learn the art of marble carving, living a real experience in a real workshop.
Keeping him in touch with the daily reality of this work, we will try to convey not only the love of our fathers for the art, but also difficulties and problems of this art today.

Is it possible to bring back home the piece that I make during the course?
Yes, we could entrust it to reliable forwarding agents, in the same way we do with our jobs, that we send all over the world.

Is it possible to attend the course without renting the house?
Of course, everyone is free to find the favourite accommodations.

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Last update: 03-12-2009
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